Welcome Sheldon

Rugby Club Zwolle is proud to present to you the new Head Coach, Sheldon van Zeeventer.

Rugby Club Zwolle is positive and excited to start working together with someone of Sheldon’s caliber and experience. Sheldon brings an important piece of the puzzle to help achieve our growing ambitions at RCZ. This extra impuls will formalize and strengthen our current learning environment for all our rugby members.

Rugby Club Zwolle began this conversation with Sheldon during the Covid-19 offseason period. But who is he?
Sheldon has spent the last 7 years as a high school rugby coach at a competitive rugby school in South Africa. He was promoted to director of rugby for the school in 2019 and he has been a successful provincial level coach for the last 3 years where he has won tournaments at both u/16 and u/19 age groups.
He has worked with professional Super Rugby players in a private capacity to hone their skills and improve their over-all game.

“Hearing about the club’s values, ethos and goals it was pretty much a no-brainer in accepting the position as head coach and I look forward to taking Zwollle Rugby Club to the next level and beyond” – Sheldon Van Zeeventer

With the addition of Sheldon we continue to build on the bright future of our club.


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