Membership information

Player from abroad?

Welcome at Rugby Club Zwolle.

You can join us anytime during the season and whatever your rugby experience you are very welcome to join our club.
We have one women competing in the 1st division, and three mens team competing in 1st division, 4th division and social rugby.

You can come and train with us anytime, but to play games there is some paperwork to fix first.
When you come from abroad and want to play in the Netherlands, you need to get clearance from your former Rugby Union in order to play. The club will be happy to support you in this process.
What you need to do is:

  • Download the clearance form – Click here
  • Fill in the clearance form.
  • Send it to the union of the club you most recently played for.
    For example, if your former club was in Ireland, you have to send this form to the Rugby Union of Ireland
    You can find the e-mail address of the union on,
  • If the union accepts your clearance they will send it to the Dutch Union, who can then process your clearance.
  • Once this is done you’re good to play.

Next to arranging your clearance, you of course also need to become a member at our club. That works via the bottom below:
For further questions, you can contact our membership official and treasurer
David Smit
Or reach out to our chairman Daan van Rooijen

  • Men
  • € 280,-
  • Born before 1 jan. 2006
    (Born in 2005 – 100 euro discount)
  • Woman
  • € 280,-
  • Born before 1 jan. 2006
    (Born in 2005 – 100 euro discount)
  • Recreational (m/v)
  • € 180,-
  • Born before 1 jan. 2006 *(train en play max 6 games per season – you can upgrade during the season)
  • Trainingmember (18+ m/v)
  • € 100,-
  • Born before 1 jan. 2006 *(Social membership, no participation in games, training on the field and in the gym allowed)
  • Clublid-Alg.lid
  • € 50,-
  • Geen RN lidmaatschap, geen trainingen, wel stemrecht in de ALV